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Happy Place My favorite place in the entire world exists in one tiny American town in the Midwest. A place both the government and I like to call Pork barrel Minnesota. It is a booming town with roughly 3,000 residents and a story to go with each of them. I discovered this place when my family went to visit my Aunt Bertha. This was not only the first time that I heard about Pork barrel but also the first time I heard about my aunt Bertha. When I stayed at her house I was sent to the guest room which was small and smelled like mothballs. It may not sound it to you but to me this place was a room full of paradise. When I am sad I like to think of her cat Cucumber clawing what was left of the whitewash on the wall and the collection of world war two magazines under the bed. Pork barrel has an interesting history too. Created in 1841 by a man named Noah Wilson and his family, Pork barrel was meant to serve as only a small stop on the Oregon Trail where pioneers could pick up supplies but eventually people started to settle there and it’s been plateauing since! In 1903 Pork barrel saw changes when missionaries journeyed out west and started a moral revival through the tiny towns of Minnesota. Moral law preceded federal law there and since that year little has changed. It is one of the few places in the country where you can spank your children and put a cross in a courthouse. It truly is an interesting place. When I visited my family was greeted by the Sheriff who acted like he was in charge of things. I didn't like him very much. One person who I did like and I think I will never forget was the owner of the Pub. His name was Colin Moriarty. Apparently he and my father knew each other before I was born. It is funny how many interesting people you meet in a town that is as small as the school. The reason that this is my happy place is that I can see

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