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My Happy Place There are certain places people like to go to get away from it all the stress that comes with life. Some may find their favorite peaceful place in the shade under a tree, or playing a sport and being physically active. My favorite place to be when life is starting to get to me is at work. I work on a little farm called Silver Maple Farm in a tiny town called Jackson. Driving through Wisconsin, other than the big cities like Milwaukee, all there is are little farm towns. Some are dairy farms, some just grow crops. Those usually consist of corn, beans, and hay. At Silver Maple, we grow sweet corn, hay and strawberries. When I am at work, I take care of the animals. We have cows, chickens, goats, kittens, a dog, and some ducks. I have to feed and water them, from time to time I have to clean the cows and goats just to keep them healthy. I love all of those animals to death and they do a great job of getting things off my mind. When I was in high school, my dad would always be on my case about grades and school work. If I didn’t turn in a five point assignment because it may have slipped my mind, I would have been grounded from doing anything that weekend. His grounding never really made an impact on me. If it did I wouldn’t have been grounded all of high school. When he would cancel my plans, I would just act like it didn’t bother me and go to the farm. Although, I was productive with my stress, so maybe it was a good thing? He is the one who put the most pressure on me and caused the most stress in my life. When the pressures really get to me, my favorite thing to do at work is bale hay. The tractor takes it all off of my mind. When the boss man says to me, “You’re doin’ hay today.” I get pretty excited. I go hook up the rake, head down the road to the hay field, turn my music on and tune the world out. The tractor is so relaxing because I

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