the happy memories club

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• In my opinion, Lee Smith writes objectively not tragrically. Her writings are based strictly on the truth, and they prove that frankness can trouble some people like it does to many of the characters in "The Happy Memories Club". Lee's writing strategy involves telling a story exactly how it occurred, and not biting her tongue in the least. What she means by "you can either go in the closet and sit in the dark or you can make jokes..." is she can either keep the unique perspective to herself or she can try and make others understand where she is coming from. This quote is extremely accurate for her style of writing. • I see much consistency between Alice as a young and old woman. Growing up as an adolescent she eventually took over control of the boarding house she lived in while doing so very laborously and efficiently. Alice goes on to work as an English teacher for 40 years as an adult showing that she didn't outlast her committment to others. Also as a child she encounters a passionate love affair, which can be somewhat comparable to her relationships even in old age. • The story-within-the-story aspects reinforces the interesting outlook on life that Alice posseses. It shows how competent she still as a senior, and disproves the mellow life she lives in a retirement community. Her blatant telling of her memories from childhood disturbed most of the other listeners in the writing club, and through this Lee reveals the blinded life that a majority of people carry with them until death. It is a natural defense mechanism to deny troubling truths that one doesn't want a face, and I commend Lee Smith for being one of the brave individuals who can look past their unconscious regulations. • Her discussion of punctuation has to do with the satire theme of the whole story. I believe it is in reference to how Martha Louise is such a control freak because she starts
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