Happy Birthday Essay

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Whitney Carter It was October 18, a picturesque Friday evening, and I was turning 8 years old. My parents, my two older siblings and I were sitting outside of Jeepers, a large magical fun filled amusement park for kids. I was ecstatic about being older, because I despised being told “you can do that when you’re older”. We waited for out-of-state family members and my friends from school to arrive for the nights bizarre events. When they finally arrived, the celebration of my birth would commence. Since my friends and I were so young, it wasn’t very often that I would get to see everyone at one time. My birthday party was actually the only time that the people I cherish the most would be able to get together to laugh, make jokes, play games, and have an overall good time. It gave my family and friends the opportunity to enjoy me as I age and move into the next chapter of my life. We had been sitting outside for what to me seemed like hours, but in reality it was about 10 minutes. My family pulled up and greeted each other with huge hugs and cheek pinches that were hard enough to turn you beet red. Grandma’s eyes welled with massive tears at the sight of our growth as she placed a perfect cherry red lipstick print on each of our cheeks. My friends had their parents drop them off at Jeepers, where I eagerly greeted them. I swiftly dragged them away from their parents toward the table that towered with presents and had each of them add theirs to the bunch. Then I invited them to join me in playing with all the other children. Our first stop was the worm; an enormous ride shaped like a caterpillar, that went around backwards and forwards in looping circles. Once we were all dizzy it was be time to move on. My guest stumbled off of the ride with one goal in mind, to win as many tickets as we could. We went mad whacking the mole, having basketball shooting contest,

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