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[pic] E- Learning Course Descriptions Top of Form Finance and Accounting Accounting for Club Operations#366 As its name suggests, this accounting course focuses on the unique issues involved in accounting for a private club. Topics include financial statements, operations budgeting, capital budgeting, taxes, and technology issues. Take this course only if you work in a private club or plan to work in a club at some point in your hospitality career. [pic] Accounting for Hospitality Managers#362 Learn to understand and apply hospitality departmental accounting at the supervisory and managerial levels. This course includes information on budgeting expenses, forecasting sales, and financial decision making. It may be helpful to complete course 261 prior to attempting this course. If you have some professional background or experience in accounting, you may be able to successfully complete this course without first taking 261. Also, despite the word “managers” in the title, this course should not be confused with course 462 (which is a more difficult course). [pic] Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting#261 This is EI’s most basic, introductory accounting course. You need no prior accounting experience to take this course. This course will help you develop a basic understanding of hotel and restaurant accounting procedures, with a focus on the computerized accounting used in today’s hospitality accounting situations. You’ll learn about taxation of business income, the role of governmental agencies, and how to read and analyze financial statements. This course is recommended as a prerequisite for course 362. [pic] Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting#260 This course is a comprehensive introduction to hospitality accounting. You’ll learn about the responsibilities of a hotel’s accounting department, advantages and drawbacks of various

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