Happiness Linked to Longevity

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Ronald, Travers March 18, 2011 Results of research Study Title: happiness linked to longevity Date and place This research study was published. Effects of happiness on physical health and the consequences for preventive health care. The following article belongs to sciencedaily.com Topic The focus of this research was to explore the relation between happiness and longevity and why those people that always smile have a healthier life and live longer than other individuals. Participants The investigators investigated 30 people and their attitude toward their lives and why those who are happier and have positive thoughts live longer. Hypothesis While is not clear jet the original cause of this phenomenon. The researchers believed that the deep effect of the smile can cause a raise a release of endorphins that promote an increase of the defense system. On the contrary those people that have negative thoughts and are in bad mood most of the time present higher quantities of hormones that cause stress and a considerable decrease in their mechanism of the defense. Procedures The scientist assesses casualties employing long- periods follow up investigation, taking the individuals health in to consideration. The outcome of the study revealed was contradictory because some of the studies estimated the effect of happiness on longevity, whereas other research found no effect and some experienced early death among the happy population. Conclusion It seems that happiness does not make seriously ill people live longer, but it has a beneficial impact on the healthy people’s life. Happiness seems to prevent again illness. As opposed to a live without happiness cause stress which on it turns reduces dramatically the immune response. Again the key to a healthful life dwell in the environment that surround us therefore is important to be surrounded by a
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