Happiness Is a Personal Responsibility Essay

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Happiness is a Personal Responsibility Hugh Downs once said "a happy person is not a person with certain circumstances, but rather, certain attitudes," and he couldn't be more right. Although our general mood levels and wellbeing are partially genetics and upbringing, roughly forty to fifty percent of our happiness is within our control. One psychological theory deals with set-points, average levels of happiness and well-being. As humans, we're stable with slowly moving moods and momentary changes in experienced emotions. Yet, we're most certainly not all like this- calm and collect, so why is that? Well, it's each individual's take on life; their perception, actions, thoughts, etc., that influences the position of a set-point. Think of it metaphorically; you’re set-point is your bicep, the more you work out, the stronger you are. So the more effort you put into yourself, the happier you'll be. But what exactly can you do to increase your happiness? Scientifically, a lot. There are four very main Neurotransmitters, dopamine, which motivates us to achieve goals, serotonin, which flows when you feel important or significant, oxytocin, which deals with intimacy and trust, and finally, endorphins, controlling pain and stress. Neurotransmitters are chemical substances that are released and impulse through our nerves, making us feel a certain way. So, in order to activate these neurotransmitters, we must identify which we are lacking and carry out activities that balance the system. Keep in mind the metaphor from earlier; just like a muscle we can only control as much as we work towards. Slowly but surely, you must increase your ability to be happy in progressively more negative situations. What I’m saying is that metaphorically, psychologically, and scientifically, happiness is a personal

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