Happiness Essay

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Moammad Mowla Writing 3 Happiness The essay “Do You Have What It Takes to Be Happy” by Stacey Colino is about how people determine happiness in their lives and how to be happy in some different ways, such as money, attitudes, and the people that’s in one’s life. Colino also says money, beauty, and fame do not always provide all happiness in the world. On the other hand, “The Happiness Factor” by David Brooks is also about how people can become happy and unhappy. “The Happiness Factor” and “Do You Have What It Takes to Be Happy” are similar in their views of what contributes to happiness, as seen in the areas of money, relationships, and people’s activities in their lives. It is important to have money; however, money can’t buy happiness. The essay “Do You Have What It Takes to be Happy” says our financial status gives us only 15 percen of happiness, but, 85 percent doesn’t. With that being said, money is not all about happiness. Equally “The Happiness Factor” author, Brooks, says Sandra Bullock is professionally successful, but her husband is an adulterous jerk, so despite Bullock achieving an Academy Award and making more money, that will not make her happy. He also says how people overestimate the extent of money and what it can do for them. Relationships are another important thing that makes people happy. In the essay “Do You Have What It Takes to be Happy”, successful relationships are important to happiness. The author says to hang out with friends and with people who give good feelings and good support systems. People who are involved in romantic and social relationships are happier than people who are lonely. According to the “The Happiness Factor,” no matter how rich you are, people who have unsuccessful marriages will feel unfulfilled and unhappy. Brooks says social trust relationships with community and relation especially marriage makes people
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