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Happiness And Contentment Essay

  • Submitted by: dhangzz
  • on February 27, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Below is an essay on "Happiness And Contentment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“…half the world is sleeping, half the world is awake… half can hear your heartbeat, half can hear them break… I am bur a traveler… in almost every way …   Ask me what you want to know…”
A wonderful part of the song entitled, “JOURNEY”. Yes, absolutely, I am a traveler.. we are all travelers in this paradise called Earth. I see beautiful places with all those flowers blooming, birds chirping, fishes swimming, grasses swaying, and clouds dance freely in the sky. These are all the gifts of nature. The world is a paradise… A very wonderful and magical place to live in … But, there’s something more ! have I realize that man is given the ability to think and create his own innovative way to build beautiful houses, buildings and other infrastructures that add and contribute beauty and comfort.
I, as a human, have been blessed with the eyes to see colors and beautiful sceneries; ears to hear the harmony of nature; nose to smell the sweet scented flowers; tongue to taste varieties of food; skin to touch and feel all the living and non-living things on Earth; mind to know that all of these things are beautiful; and of course, I have heart. A heart that help me appreciate the true beauty and essence of these things in life.
I am almost perfect! . I have the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. I am one of the greatest elements on Earth. But sometimes, or most of the times, I fail to be happy. Why? Because I only depend on what my eyes see, what my ears hear and what my hands touch… honestly, I am blind, deft and paralyzed because, I forget or I intend not to use my heart! How can I be so foolish?!   I am in the midst of my heart shouts, “use me… Learn to use me and you can see the true beautiful things”. When I listened to my heart, I was slowly enlightened. I saw light from within. Finally, I began to see clearly, hear deeply and touch nicely. And yes, I felt such happiness and became more appreciative.
How I wish every individual knows and...

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