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Nani Balajadia Ms.Betts English 10 Accelerated/2 11/17/2014 Open Minded Living Happiness is the state of being happy. Although people set happiness as their goal, they are never capable to attaining it. Searching for happiness is like waiting for rain in a drought; useless and disappointing. “Research shows that parents are less happy interacting with their children than they are exercising, eating, and watching television” (Smith 7). Thinking about happiness can sometimes lead to unhappiness. Happiness is not a worthy goal in life because if happiness cannot be achieved it leads to unhappiness and being unsatisfied. Living life with an open mind is what should be done and happiness will just come naturally. Looking for happiness will leave you unhappy or unsatisfied, sometimes both. “Happiness isn’t good enough for me, I demand euphoria!” (Calvin and Hobbes). Although Calvin was happy, he wasn’t satisfied therefore it led him to being unhappy and demanding something more than happiness. Happiness may seem good to set as our goal and is something great to achieve in life, but living life with an open mind and not setting our minds on happiness is so much better because if we are not focused on being happy, we won’t end up disappointed if we don’t achieve it. “Well-being and happiness never appeared to me as an absolute aim. I am even inclined to compare such moral aims to the ambitions of a pig” (Einstein). What Einstein is trying to say is that setting happiness as an aim is dumb and it’s never going to be achieved. People may think they achieve happiness, maybe they do, but happiness only lasts for so long and when it’s gone it leaves you unhappy or unsatisfied. Thinking about happiness only makes us less happy. If happiness is what we have on our mind 24/7 it possibly will not be achieved and there is a 50% chance that it will lead to unhappiness or

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