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Every human strives for happiness. The source of inner happiness however, has been manipulated in modern day society. The focus has been shifted from compassion towards another human being to focusing on material world. In the essay “Modern Societies and the Quest for Human Happiness’’ by Dalai Lama, the concept of happiness between the rich and poor is explored. The Dalai Lama discusses the notion of happiness as a positive lifestyle rather than an aggregation of wealth, he also advocates servicing others. In our modern fast-paced, stress-filled societies, finding happiness through materialistic means has become prevalent. With the excessive portrayal of material goods and a life of luxury being a sign of success by the media a new notion of happiness and success is becoming the standard. Thus, an insatiable thirst for ‘wanting more’ is instilled in people. This, as stated in the reading by Dalai Lama, is leading an unprecedented prevalence of depression within society. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that in underdeveloped countries such as my native country of Burkina Faso the notion of depression as such is virtually nonexistent. A reason for this may be that people in so-called third world countries do not rely on material goods but rather on their relationships with others for happiness. For example, I had an uncle who was poor and had moved to the United States and did not even last more than two years. Although he did earn dramatic financial gain, he was unhappy since he felt as though he was isolated from human contact. As Dalai Lama infers in the reading the sparkplug of happiness in developed countries is rooted in material gain; he states ” they are so caught up in the idea of acquiring still more that they leave no room for anything else”. This way of life is causing society at large to

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