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What Studies Say Make People Happy “I believe most people want to be happy and will pursue those things in life that they believe will bring them happiness” –Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, author of Gross National Happiness Bailey Durnell 3-15-12 Period 1 Happiness Essay Who decided what happiness is? When was it decided what happiness is? Hundreds of thousands of professionals all over the world have been competing to be the one to have answered the question: what is happiness? And even more importantly: what makes people happy? However, the real question to be asking is: how can a person quantify happiness? In reality, a person cannot quantify happiness, because it differs from person to person. Not only does the form their happiness comes in differ, but also what their highs and lows are. For some, happiness can be achieved at a much lower level of content than others who have much higher standards. This is because happiness is subjective, not objective, which means that there is no threshold of happiness; so where does “happy” begin and where does it end? The truth is, in despite of every study, and every man and woman with a PhD. explaining how to achieve happiness, people will find the things in life that will brings them happiness and they will pursue them. However, according to many esteemed experts, happiness can be achieved by the simple relationships around us and the daily feelings we encounter. Most believe that obligation is important in achieving happiness; however they also believe that freedom brings happiness. Spiritual engagements and wealth are also said to bring happiness; but is it one of these factors, or all of them together that will make a person happy? Happiness- however being a subjective topic- is said to be achieved by good relationships, morals, spiritual engagement, and purpose. Many studies have attempted to prove that good and

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