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My Definition of Happiness It is often said that happiness comes in a small package. Happiness is one of the emotions of human behavior. Happiness is when a person who is happy from the heart without any misery or distress. It can be taken as a time when a person is really glad, happy from his heart. Happiness can be a matter of rejoice as well as a time of good being. There can be many definitions of happiness and many examples of it but people usually are considered happy after their desires are fulfilled. Happiness for me is a kind of pursuing things and to become successful. I think happiness in a different way. For me happiness is a time when I have my basic needs fulfilled. According to my ideology, happiness come to me if I fulfilled my needs in life such as food, clothes, shelter and further more is education. Education is the element that makes me happy and satisfied with the reason that after studying I tend to me more matured learning new idea and new outcomes. Furthermore, happiness can be a time of enjoyment as well. Whenever I am with my friends or whenever I meet my friends, I get happy. Friends have always been my vital part of life and the time I meet my old friend is the most wonderful time in my life. For instance, I met an old friend of mine after a whole time back and I was really happy and can’t share the experiences that I felt on it. In addition to it, happiness also means helping people in need for me. I really would love to help people from the heart. At that point, when I help people I think myself being at the top of the world. I internally feel happy, proud and overwhelmed after I get to help people. Finally, I have my own strategy for happiness as the way I see things for it whereas some other people might think happiness in a different way. No matter how a person thinks of it but the gist of this emotion (happiness)

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