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Happily Ever After, In Fast Forward Essay

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  • on February 11, 2012
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Happily Ever After, In Fast Forward
September 25, 2011

Happily Ever After, In Fast Forward

I.   My aspirations as a child
A.   Veterinarian
B.   Marine Biologist
C.   High school teacher
II.   My adventures after graduation from high school
    A. Marriage
          1. Military life
          2. Divorce
B.   Gypsy ways
1. Searching for a place to call home
a.   Life in many states
III.   My life and family in 2011
A.   David
1.   Erin and the grandchildren
2.   Joshua
IV.   How I plan to be happy with my future
    A. Stable, loving relationship
    B. Financial security
    C. Health
    D. Teaching career
    E. Home ownership
      Happily Ever After, In Fast Forward

      I have experienced many things in my life up to this moment in time, and all of them have helped to shape the person that I have become today.   Would I change any of those experiences?   You bet I would, but then again, if I did that, would I truly be the same person that I am today?
      This is the short story version of how I came to be me, how my life relates to developmental theory, and the paths that led me to return to college and further my education in Educational Studies with Ashford University.   A long laundry list of individual elements led up to this day and time in my life, and it is my privilege to share some of that journey with my readers.
      I was born on the chilly evening of Friday the 13th in a small, northeast Ohio town called Warren.   There is nothing remarkable about Warren, Ohio except for the levels of unemployment and low-income housing.   Warren had once been a booming steel mill city back during the war era but all of that dried up when World War II ended.   Now, most folks just struggle to stay alive without losing their family homestead.
      My dreams as a child included becoming a veterinarian, marine biologist, or a high school teacher.   Of course, along the way, I also dreamed of becoming a doting wife...

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