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Hanya Holm Hanya Holm is known as one of the big four modern dance leaders. Born in Germany. Hanya Holm is a choreographer of modern dance and Broadway musicals. Hanya Holm had an expressive lyricism in her dancing. At about 24 years of age, Hanya Holm saw a recital of Mary Wigman. After training in Germany, she worked at Mary Wigman’s Central Institute in Dresden as a dancer and teacher and later co director. In 1929 she danced the princess in one of the early productions of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Taleher first major solo part for which she did her own choreography. At that time she was not yet quite sure whether to become a dancer, choreographer, or teacher. In 1931 she opened a Wigman school in New York City, which became the Hanya Holm Studio in 1936. In addition to works for her own company, she choreographed musicals such as My Fair Lady (1956) and Camelot (1960). Hanya Holm made her own unique technique. Many other dancers used her technique. Some of these dancers are; Alwin Nikolais, Mary Anthony, and Don Redlich. Different things were stressed within her technique. Things such as importance of impulse, planes, floor patterns etc. Hanya Holm liked to learn through discovery. Her training was through improvisation. As for her choreography, her movements were based on bodies relation to space. The book also talked about how she believes that dance should be about passion. When Hanya Holm sees you dance, she doesn’t just want to watch you move, she wants to see passion. When it comes to her teaching skills, she likes to let you find your own technique. A way that expresses who you are. That shows your personality. However, she was still a strict teacher. She expected every one of her students to work hard. Hanya Holm was one to believe that if you worked hard for something and really wanted, you would achieve that desired outcome. By 1931 Hanya Holm

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