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Hans Geiger essay Hans Geiger essay There are many famous scientists out there but what comes to mind when I ask you who is Hans Geiger what will your reaction be? What will you say? You maybe don’t even know who he is well he is a German physicist well known for his inventions and experiments. Well his big application to science was inventing the famous Geiger counter also he took part in a big experiment (Geiger Marsden experiment) which led to the discovery of the atomic nucleus. We benefit from this because his research led to Rutherford’s atomic theory, his invention helps us today because in japan there was an earthquake and a nuclear reactor broke so they need it. He was also a member of the uranium club which was creating a nuclear reactor for Nazi Germany. In 1909 Geiger while doing the Geiger–Marsden experiment (aka the Gold foil experiment) he created the Geiger counter which is a device that can detect the emission of nuclear radiation. In addition In 1928 Geiger and his student Walther Müller (a PhD student of Geiger) created an improved version of the Geiger counter, called the Geiger-Müller counter. This is a very revolutionary device because without it there wouldn’t have found radiation in many places. He was also the co-inventor of the and for the Geiger-Marsden experiment which discovered the Atomic nucleus. The unexpected results of the experiment demonstrated for the first time the existence of the atomic nucleus, leading to the development of the Rutherford model. These experiments and inventions show how successful was Geiger and his partners in physics. These inventions and experiments led to Rutherford’s atomic model which is a model of the atom by Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford's new model for the atom, based on the experimental results, had the new features and ideas. Even though Rutherford's model did not make any new headway in

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