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Hannibal Hamlin was born in Paris, Maine in 18091. As a teenager he worked a numerous amount of odd jobs that ranged from a cook to a journalist2. However, he then found his true calling when he began to study the government and became a lawyer at youthful the age of twenty-two. He then started his very extensive career in the world of politics where he was nurtured his views having to do with the ongoing civil war. By the time he was put up for the vice presidential candidacy he seemed like the best choice, due to the fact that he had recently changed political parties and had expressed many of the same views as Abraham Lincoln. Despite many good outcomes of the first few years in office he was later replaced by Andrew Jackson after his first…show more content…
Many believe a shift took place during Hamlin’s run because Lincoln had much more confidence in Hamlin then others previously had in their vice president and often took his advice in maters he was confused about. As the four years came to an end Lincoln relied less and less on Hamlin which caused him to feel like he was wasting his time and began to constantly complain about how useless he was feeling. Despite his complaining he still wanted to return the next term6. However, Lincoln doubted that Hamlin would add a lot of support to an already difficult re-election so they added Andrew Jackson onto the ballot instead. Regardless of this betrayal, Hamlin still molded the role of vice presidents into what it is today. In conclusion, Hannibal Hamlin as a vice president on a whole was very efficient because he assisted with the construction of the Emancipation Proclamation, gave Lincoln guidance on enlisting African Americans in the army, and greatly altered the role of the vice president in general. He stood loyally beside Lincoln during the civil war and even after he was pushed out of office by Andrew Jackson he continued to stay involved in politics and insisted in resuming his work. Not many people know how greatly he impacted many things from the sidelines and how truly underappreciated his actions truly

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