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Lady or the Tiger rough draft Prompt: What was behind the door on the right? Why do you think this? Use evidence from the story to support your claim. Evidence ideas: * The princess loved the young man, but it would have been harder for her to have the man survive and marry the woman she hated rather than to just let him be mauled. ~~”The girl was lovely, but she had dared to raise her eyes to the loved one of the princess; and, with all the intensity of the savage blood transmitted to her through long lines of wholly barbaric ancestors, she hated the woman who blushed and trembled behind that silent door.” (3) “ But how much oftener had she seen him at the other door! How in her grievous reveries had she gnashed her teeth, and torn her hair, when she saw his start of rapturous delight as he opened the door of the lady! How her soul had burned in agony when she had seen him rush to meet that woman, with her flushing cheek and sparkling eye of triumph;” “Would it not be better for him to die at once, and go to wait for her in the blessed regions of semi-barbaric futurity? (3) * The love between the couple was not right in the eyes of the king, and to have to man vanish would be easier than to have him remain within society around the princess, but married to a different maiden. The king was also barbaric (savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal.) so he would have liked to see a good mauling. ~~”- in which her took great delight and satisfaction. No matter how the affair turned out, the youth would be disposed of, and the king would take aesthetic pleasure in watching the course of events, which would determine whether or not the young man had done wrong in allowing himself to love the princess.” (2) * Due to her barbaric nature and jealousy, she would have guided him to the door with the tiger. Interesting points: * One of the reasons I

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