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“Hanna” is a movie based around a girl raised by her father, Erik, in the forest of Finland isolated from society so he could train her to become a fighter for when she was ready for the real world. When she is faced with the decision of whether she is prepared for the real world and what is to come with it; it all happens quickly with the flip of a transmitter that set out a signal from their cabin that brought in the CIA. Her father leaves for Berlin (which is their meeting spot) while Hanna is left in the cabin. She is taken from the forest by the CIA and questioned by officers about her life but she claims she will only speak to Marissa Wiegler (who was responsible for killing her mother). A woman posing as Marissa shows up to speak with Hanna and she kills the woman she believes to be Marissa. Hanna then assassinates all of the CIA workers and escapes from the underground facility she was being questioned in. From there she beings a long journey to Berlin, meeting a family on the way and traveling along with them in a van for a large portion of her trip. Meanwhile, Marissa hires men to locate and capture Hanna while she proceeds to search for Erik. They eventually find the van she is traveling in and attempt to capture her when they make a quick stop. She leaves the van and sprints toward a maze-like location where she fights off, runs away and hides from the men that were after her. Since she got away, the family is brought in for questioning. The youngest boy, who took a fancy to Hanna, ends up being tricked by the CIA to find out her location. Unfortunately, the fate of that family was never determined in the film. After Hanna escapes the system yet again, she ends up in Berlin at the location where her father is supposed to meet her, which is the location that the young boy gave to Marissa. Moments after her arrival, Marissa and the men set out to find

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