Handwashing Essay

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Hand washing is very important to help lower the spread of disease and bacteria. There are some ways that others can be reminded to help them remember to wash. Sometimes there is lack of education which can prevent someone from knowing the importance of washing. Men and women can be affected differently by certain messages and reminders that would encourage them to wash. Although the most effective prevention in spreading disease and bacteria is hand washing some still need to be reminded, importance of washing is not being taught as much as it should, and certain messages and reminders of washing may affect women and men differently. There are many different ways to help influence or remind others to wash their hands. One way for example would be little reminders like a message in the bathroom that shows the statistics of spread of diseases and germs that can occur from not washing. If there was a sign in the bathroom that simply stated remember to wash your hands, (B. Campbell, personal communication, January 30, 2010) said that “It would be a good reminder for those who may forget”. One way to increase hand washing is to “help people to feel that hand washing is an important aspect of their self image” (Aunger, Curtis, Granger, Judah, Michie, & Schmidt, 2009, p. S406). Sometimes the concern for social judgments on a person’s hygiene behaviors will influence someone to follow the standards of acceptable behavior (Aunger et al., & Schmidt, 2009). The lack of hand washing education and supplies has an impact on whether someone will actually wash their hands or not. “Sometimes if there are no paper towels around or anything to dry my hands off with, I sometimes do not want to wash my hands because I cannot dry them” (D. Steele, personal communication, February 1, 2010). Growing up it is important that children are educated on the importance of washing so as
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