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The author of this assignment works at a District General Hospital on an acute Paediatric Ward .There are two children’s wards within the hospital at different locations. In September a new children’s unit will be opening and both wards will join together. The nursing handover is communicated differently on these wards, so the need for the most effective way to communicate the nursing handover, within the department needs to be assessed, Effective communication is vital in the role that is provided by the nursing team. The author will relate this to the theory and knowledge of communication and interpersonal Skills that is required within nursing. A good nursing handover process is a crucial part of providing quality nursing in…show more content…
This could be via a taped session, verbally, written, group or individual handover. @00040644 It is not taught formally during training and requires skill to be able to provide the relevant Information necessary to provide continuity of care (Scovell 2010). Evans (2008) describes the handover as almost a religious rite. The content and function of it varying significantly between clinical areas. On the authors ward the nursing handover is communicated away from the patients in an office with some nurses taking notes. According to McMahon (1990) this time away from the ward environment can be seen as precious which is specifically devoted to nurses communicating with each other. Communication is a complex composite of verbal and non-verbal behaviours integrated for the purpose of sharing information. Many authors who write about communication view it as a dynamic process that is recurring or revolving (Odell 1996). Shannon and Weaver’s mathematical model of communication is widely seen as one of the main models of communication. It was produced in 1949 and has six elements to it, a source, an encoder, a message, a channel, a decoder and a receiver (Fournier…show more content…
An oral handover can be very flexible in that you can provide the right level of knowledge and ability that is required for the group of nurses at handover. The way that the handover is delivered, the tone and subtlety can only be gained from a verbal handover. It provides support, encourages team building, allows expression of feelings and functions as a debriefing session (Scovell 2010). The world Health Organisation (2007) recommends the use of Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) to standardise handover communications. This process of communication transfers information, it identify the most important facts first. A study by Christie (2009) showed that it reduced the amount of time handover took, @00040644 reduced adverse patients outcomes by more efficient communication. Effective communication is one of the most basic goals that is required in nursing to meet the needs of their patients and clients. It is essential for human interaction, for needs to be met and any concerns dealt with (DH 2010a) The handover that is used on the other children’s ward is conducted at the bedside. This

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