Handmaids Tail and Top Girls Essay

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Compare and contrast the ways in which Atwood in HT and Churchill in TG present the pressures on woman in male dominated societies in the light of the opinion that Atwood focuses on woman as victims whilst Churchill explores the price woman pay for success. The male dominated environment is a force that every woman has to find a way to deal with so it is common for female writers to use it as a key theme when exploring the forces that shape us. There are many similarities in the way Margaret Atwood and Caryl Churchill Portray Male dominance and the way it affects females. In spite of Atwood’s ‘The Handmaids Tale’ being set in a fictional future dystopia the hostile patriarchal environment she describes has many features in common with today’s society. Maya Angelou’s book ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’ also deals with the problems of being female. How each woman deals with the stigma of being female is a deeply personal journey. Atwood’s Offred and Churchill’s Marline each have their own individual ways of coping. Maya Angelou has to deal with not only the fact that she’s female and the problems that causes but also the stigma of being black in a radically racist community. Because all three characters want to fit into their communities they are forced to hid their true identities and become either what society needs them to be, in Offred’s case ‘QUOTE’ And in Marlines case she’s changed because society demands that she has to be tough, rough and ruthless to reach the top. Top Girls by Caryl Churchill is a play set in early eighties when woman were still trying to be super women. The corporate executive and the soccer mom with great intimate relationships. Churchill’s main character Marlene says “I know a managing director who’s got two children, she breast feeds in the board room, she pays a hundred pounds a week on domestic help alone and she can afford
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