Handicrafts of Odisha Essay

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While new communications technologies are making our world smaller and our personal lives richer, it is easy to forget that energy spurring progress is not available to billions in our planet's inhabitants who only have a daily struggled to eat and improve their livelihoods without any meaningful access to energy and its benefits. For a sustainable development of the world energy, the life breath of modern civilization, must have to reach every nook and corner. To achieve this goal there is a huge demand of energy all over the world. Also with vast expansion of industry and agriculture sectors, the available energy sources face a high demand pressure. Meanwhile, dependence on conventional and non-renewable carbon-based energy (coal, mineral oil, natural gas) and nuclear energy is going to extinct one day and also increasing green-house effect and climatic pressure. The price of fossil fuels ha risen sharply in recent decade. On the other hand, to meet the high demand , establishment of large conventional power plants (thermal, gas, hydro, nuclear etc.) are protseted concering over land acqusition, rehabilitation, safety and environmental issues. Henceforth, the alternative energy sources come into picture for an economically and ecofriendly sustainable development of all sections. Responding to climate change -2007- " Energy derived from non-traditional sources such as solar, wind, water, biomass, tide etc. , which are renewable is known as alternative energy sources. It can be widely produced with basic equipments and naturally basic processes from locally available sources and creates less harm to the environment. These energy sources require less financial investment and maintainance than conventional energy sources. Since it can be locally produced it doesnot require any huge infrastructure for power transmission and can be made available in remote areas, which

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