Handicraft Industry Operations Management Essay

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| OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT | | TERM PAPER TYAGI HANDICRAFTS SUBMITTED BY: |TYAGI HANDICRAFTS COMAPANY PROFILE (Stone Is Crafted By Nature, We Add Beauty To It ) A Leading Manufacturer of Handcrafted Gifts, Decorative and Utility Items made of various Natural Stones and Marbles. Tyagi Handicrafts started its journey in 1970, with the zeal to excel in the global market place. It is a part of business group engaged in exports. Tyagi handicrafts present an exquisite range of soap stone and marble handicrafts. There business structure is completely based on exports and thus they don’t have any retail outlet anywhere. Operational Challenges at TYAGI HANDICRAFTS The following are the key areas that may pose a threat to those handicraft companies that ignore the impacts of giving less importance to manage their demand and supply: - * Forecasting and Inventory Management for raw materials of products, especially when they have Fluctuating demand varying with different orders. * Excessive bulk Demand Handling. * Order Management in case of suppliers and buyers at multiple locations. * Warehouse Management in case of distant buyers. * Introducing new products. * Handling variety of items. * Maintaining same quality, and minimum variance in all handmade items. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SUPPLIER MANUFACTURER TRANSPORTATION BUYERS CONSUMER | | | | OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT at TYAGI HANDICRAFTS Fig1:Hierarchial representation of the operations department. TRANSFORMATION PROCESS INPUTS:- * EXTERNAL- * SOCIAL BACKGROUND- Tyagi Handicrafts began its Journey with a View to Propagate IndianArt & Culture. Today, it is the Leading Organization in the Domain of theManufacture & All Types of Marble Goods. *

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