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Handbook onWriting Research Papers Second Edition Text by Laurie Rozakis Project Director and Editor: Ann Shapiro You can also find a pdf version of the handbook at www.farmingdale.edu. Quicklinks/Writing Research Papers-Handbook Quicklinks/Writing in the Disciplines Student Support Services/Writing Research Papers-Handbook PREFACE Preface to the Instructor -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The genesis of this book was a Long Island conference on plagiarism for teachers, administrators, and professors, which underscored the problem but provided few solutions. Experience suggested to some of us, however, that students often plagiarize less out of bad intent than…show more content…
the students focused the assignment into a purpose statement. Assignment Reread “The War on Alcohol” by Anna Quindlen (444-46), where she argues that alcohol is an enormous threat and should probably be treated as a dangerous drug. Is alcohol a dangerous drug? If so, why? If not, why not, and what reasoned response can you make to Quindlen’s main points? Purpose Statement Alcohol is a dangerous drug because, as Anna Quindlen notes, it causes gravely serious physical, social, and psychological problems. Recently, the Supreme Court upheld affirmative action in a case brought against the University of Michigan. Consider the arguments raised in that case and/or arguments raised in some prominent recent cases, and argue for or against retaining affirmative action laws. Many people believe that there is a national crisis in our schools. Why do you think schools are failing, and what are some possible solutions? I agree with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the right of universities to consider race in admissions procedures in order to achieve a diverse student

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