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Rainy Day Fisher October 14, 2009 Handbook Assignment 1. Two members of the staff share a common name; Ms. Harvey and Ms. Holzhauer both have the first name Christine. Ms. Harvey is the senior secretary, and Ms. Hollzhauer is a math teacher and a coach. 2. I have access to my own computer with internet and I am able to email my teachers to keep in contact with them, and my mother will keep in contact via phone. 3. The rules against skateboards are the same for Hearthstone as well as my old high school, but students are not required to attend everyday like other schools. 4. I expect that the teachers at Hearthstone will expect all their pupils and their parents will arrive to meetings on time and with all work completed so that it makes helping the student much easier for the teachers. Also I understand that we are required to use kind words because it is a professional setting in which we al need to make a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable. 5. Use of an electronic device in a class should not be permitted. The use of a cell phone or another electronic device is completely unnecessary while a teacher is giving instruction. The fact that it is not necessary does not include the distraction that it causes for both students, and teachers alike. A child does not require music or a phone to complete work while under teacher supervision and although some teachers may not be bothered by this, it is not the case for most. The allowance of an item that can be such a disturbance should not be par of a place of education. 6. All students are required to pass the California High School Exit Exam or the CAHSEE to receive a diploma of graduation along with meeting all course requirements. There are two portions to the test, an English Language Arts section and a Mathematics section; both tests must be passed to graduate. Students who do not pass their

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