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Wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap-sing alphabet or happy birthday twice. Handwashing to prevent spread of the flu Sleep well, proper diet, lots of fluids, no sharing.. why isn’t being sick fun? Where do the germs go? Coughing into arm Spread by contact touch, like touching surface of things Example of balloon Between fingers, back of hands, palms, and wrists Turn water off with paper towel Does everyone know its flu season and the spread of germs is high? State a fact about germs. Is being sick fun? (NO) why not? What do you miss out on when you’re sick?? Does anyone know the best way to keep yourself from getting sick? Answer is hand washing. (cough/sneezing into arm instead of into your hands where you can contaminate them), when to wash hands, proper diet with vegetables) Why is it important to hand wash? To prevent the spread of germs. (balloon) It protects against the spread of many illness and allows for good health. Best way to wash hands is with warm water and soap, but it’s not always available with us, so using hand sanitizer will work as well. How to wash your hands- Poster 1. rinse hands with warm water 2. pump the pump and put soap on your hands 3. scrub in between your fingers, around your finger nails, the back of your hands, your palms, and your wrists. 4. Sing the alphabet song while you wash your hands. It should take you 20 seconds. 5. Use paper towel to turn off the sink, and open door with it too. Why? Song After song ask: When are good times to wash your hands? After using the bathroom After blowing your nose or coughing Before eating, serving, or preparing food After touching pets or other animals After outdoor activities Before and after visiting anyone who’s sick When your hands are dirty How long does it take til you finish washing?

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