Hand Out for Student Nurses Essay

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* Student nurses * How is the research relevant? * You will need to give an account of the research so that they understand what Milgram did * Avoid ‘jargon’ – define key terms * Relate the research to real life examples and discuss the relevance, BUT...... * You do NOT need to give them advice on how to do their job! * Summerise key points * What was Milgram researching? * What did he do and how? * What were the results? * What variations to the experiment were conducted? * How did the findings differ? * What does this mean? * What were the ethical issues? * Any relevant later studies? (e.g. section 4, Hofling et al) * Make clear links for your audience – how is this relevant? * Under what conditions will people carry out the commands of an authority figure and when will they refuse to obey? * Subjects were told that they were participating in a study on the effect of punishment on memory * One “participant” in the study - the “learner” (“Mr. Wallace” - real name Bob McDonough) was a confederate of Milgram and one was the true subject - the “teacher” * The “learner” was hooked up to what appears to be a shock generating machine with 30 switches labeled from “Slight Shock” to “Danger: Severe Shock” * The “teacher” was told to shock the learner when the learner gave an incorrect response to questionsExperimenter prompts: if the “teacher” objected to continuing the experiment, the experimenter’s script included the following prompts: * Please continue (or “Please go on”) * The experiment requires that you continue * It is absolutely essential that you continue * You have no other choice, you must go on * Milgram: “There were powerful reactions of tension and emotional strain in a substantial proportion of the participants. Persons were observed to sweat, tremble,

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