Han China Ap World Dbq Essay

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During the progression of the Roman and Han Empires, the differing attitudes of technological advancements in society were attributed to an individual’s class and role in society. While the Roman government believed in using resources to make large public works projects, many elite members of Roman society had a differing attitude involving the belief that creators of technology were subordinate. In contrast, the Han government believed in furthering the advancements of technology, with a concern for the common man. Specifically the documents support three distinct groups; 1, 2, 3, and 4, all being Han sources, share attitudes desiring advancement in technology and its effect on the common people, 6 and 8, being sources of the Roman government believed in the use of resources to create large scale public works projects, finally 5 and 7, written by elite members of Roman society, hold the belief that creators and inventors of technology are subordinate members of society, as to them contributions were not as significant as intelligence. An additional source to further this analysis would be the government official who issued the tools to illustrate the opposite point of view. (Doc.2) Group A, consisting of Documents 1, 2, 3, and 4, are all Han sources with the overall belief of the benefits of advancing in technology. Source 1, a government official writing to local officials concerning flood prevention, believes in the government’s role in caring for infrastructure, specifically concerning flood prevention. Clearly the Han government held a genuine concern for society and the common

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