Han and Roman Attitudes Towards Technology Essay

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Technology became increasingly more advanced throughout the years of the development of the Han and Roman Empires. During this time, technology was highly accepted, but also rejected. There were many Romans and Chinese who praised technology and wanted it to grow even further. Others, however, disagreed with this idea of easy labor, and viewed it as a reason for dysfunctional tools and the loss of skill in a man. There were others who seemed to be wary of this idea of technology, but wanted to learn more about how technology could help them, but still relied on human labor as a more functional work ethic. Documents 3,4, and 8 praise technology growing in the world, while documents 2,5, and 7 reject the idea of it. Documents 1 and 6 seem to be wary of technology, but provide pros and cons to its spread. An additional document written from a religious perspective, such as a Confucian scholar, would have been helpful. Religion affected the way a lot of Chinese people thought, and knowing what the view on technology was from a Confucianist would have changed the way I looked at some of the documents. Documents 3,4, and 8 praise the growing use of technology in the world during the Han and Roman Empire. Document 3 clearly admires how much improvement has come out of simple tool. Huan Tan could have seen technology as a negative influence on the upper classes, but he saw it as an efficient way of completing tasks. Document 4 praises the way that technology is helping the people of the empire. This document admires how Tu Shih moved towards improvement but also thought of the people. The author of this couldn’t have been bias because he has considered how technology helps even the laborers of the empire. The author was most likely in the upper-class, but he believes that the growth of technology was a step towards improvement for both upper and lower

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