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Hammurabi’s Code, also known as the Codex Hammurabi and the Code of Hammurabi was said to be the oldest surviving legal system. This code or set of laws was written by Hammurabi, who was the sixth king of Babylon. Many have said that Hammurabi had two different identities, one being Hammurabi and the other was Amraphel, who was the King of Shinar in the Book of Genesis. His laws were Written on a stone tablet and they stood over eight feet tall. They were found in Persia in 1901. The laws are now in a museum in Paris. The Hammurabi Code includes 282 laws written on 12 tablets. The Ten Commandments are a set of commands that the lord commands his people to live by. They can be found in The King James Version of the bible in Exodus 20:1-17. These Commandments were given to Moses from god. They Summarize the obligations that are expected of people towards each other and towards god. Hammurabi’s Code and the Ten Commandments have many similarities and many differences. As I was reading the Code of Hammurabi, I noticed that it is more on the violence side than the Ten Commandments. Almost everything in the Code of Hammurabi has something to do with a person being put to death if the person is caught doing wrong. Also, Hammurabi’s Code is kind of based off beliefs of the people as a whole while The Ten Commandments has nothing to do with beliefs. Some of the laws from the Hammurabi’s code uses awkward methods to prove a person’s innocence or guilt. For example, if someone accuses another person of a crime, then the person accused has to go into a river to be proven innocent or guilty. If the person sinks then they are guilty and the accuser will receive all of his possessions. If the person survives, then he is proved not guilty and the accuser would be put to death while the accused receives his possessions. This is different from

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