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Hammurabi Code # 282 Mesopotamia October 3rd, 1792 BCE Dear Editor (Babylonian Times) , I am writing this letter in dispute of Hammurabi's code #282, if a slave say to his master: ''You are not my master,'' if they convict him his master shall cut off his ear . I know being a slave you are obliged to work for your master without pay and should you not obey you are required to face the punishment. In my opinion I disagreed with code #282. I feel everyone is human whether he is a slave or master. Humans should not be allowed to grant such punishment as to body disfiguration to another. I disagreed because such a punishment is very disgusting and insane , a slave is a person and has feelings no matter what he is. Though he is considered a property of his master for me he is a person like everyone else. Slavery is a social-economic system where persons are held against their will from the time of their capture and is deprived of personal freedom and compelled to work. I feel this is inhumane. I feel that Hammurabi should have given a more lenient punishment for the slave that says to his master that ''you are not my master.'' This slave should be put to do extra time at work instead of having to face such a punishment as having his one ear removed, as this would be so inhuman. I hope my letter is taken in consideration and this code can be

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