Hamlets Homosexuality Essay

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Hamlet is caged in the fear of being exposed for who he truly is. Critics misdiagnose the protagonist as a victim of sexual desire. A portrait of 17th century society would illustrate the dejected women hiding behind the male figure. Writers have longed believed that Shakespeare was just another male writer writing about male issues, but instead he depicts the corruption women faced in such a scrutinizing society. Through “Hamlet”, Shakespeare is able to share his views of heterosexual relationships and express his feminist side. In the play, they young prince stands out from the male-dominated crowd as supposed “madness” overcomes him; he rejects the concept of heterosexuality as a real from of love and possesses feminine traits. Observation molds the human mind. Hamlet was raised witnessing and being part of an incestuous relationship with women, contrary of what females were supposed to represent, purity. He generalized them into a stereotype based on their double-sided nature of appearance vs. reality. Christianity brought about the downfall of men, as they feared the consequences of their sins in the after-life. Hamlet is stuck in a quandary between his encoded belief that he is straight, and his sincere feelings of scorn for females and affection of males. Hamlet is reluctant to kill his uncle, because he is a man and as much as he wants to kill him, he is only emotionally at liberty to attack Gertrude, a female. Societies expectation created “madness” and prevented the pursuit happiness as there was no freedom of individuality. Experience transforms a human and thus the chains of expectation grapple with its
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