Hamlet’s Revenge Essay

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Hamlet’s Revenge Hamlet is written at a turning point in England history and turns out to be Shakespeare’s most famous and greatest tragedy. Despite of the fact that Hamlet is based on an 11th century Icelandic poem, during the last year of Elizabeth’s throne, it has some different meaning and expressions. Of the Medieval trend, of the Renaissance spirit, of all the political, cultural, religious and economic facts, here comes out this fantastic and ever rich drama. The eternal theme of this drama is “blood and thunder”, that’s to say, revenge. To revenge, there are continuous conflicts between those characters, like between Hamlet and King Claudius, or that between Polonius’s son Laertes and Hamlet. Then why has revenge been the setting and main line to connect the whole story and what’s the innovation of a Hamletarian revenge? The answer must be about the social conventions and settings. According to the track of history, Shakepeare’s writing life has been divided into four stages. Here we may take a look at another work of Shakespeare-Romeo and Juliet, which was two written in 1594 during the first period of his writing age. The writer at this time is a young and cynical man like everyone in his age, so even though Romeo and Juliet is popularly known as a tragedy, it’s at the same time more about love and romance. Especailly the balcony scene and the parting scene impresses most of his readers with the loveaffair between two feuds, which, gives people who read it fell a sense of hope. When it comes to 1600, England was ill at ease, and the Crown was on the verge of crash. House of Commons protested against Queen’s policies and royal privileges by which the high classes master the supremacy of controlling and making a choice, while to the others life was just following. National unrest burst out, leading to restless murder, arrest and disease that makes people
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