Hamlet Would Have Been a Good King

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Hamlet would have been an exceptional king because of his character and his willingness to sacrifice for his country. His actions throughout the book can be described as brash and extreme but his decisions are not uninformed. The challenges he faces are unimaginable and difficult but he perseveres and acts in a way that he believes will serve his country best. These are the actions of a mature and able leader who is fit to run a country. Hamlet is aware of plots against him and he believes this will be bad for Denmark. He thwarts the plots and continues on with his plan to get revenge against the man who betrayed his country by killing his father. He was faced with an immediate obstacle in his plan and he effectively got past it. Even though two men had to die he did what he had to do in the interest of his kingdom. This level of effective problem solving is important to be able to do when running a country and it is clearly a skill Hamlet possesses. The second to last scene in the play is the one that shows Hamlet’s potential the most clearly. In this scene Hamlet refers to his father as “his king” which shows that he has grown up a considerable amount over the course of the play. This simple detail shows that he is acting on behalf of his kingdom and not merely himself. At the end of this scene he insists that Horatio make it known that he consents for Fortenbras to become the next king. In his final moments he was thinking not of himself, but of his country. That is the sign of a king. Hamlet is an intelligent young man. Many kings throughout history are not intelligent, so Hamlet is overqualified for the job. Although he becomes very depressed during the play, it is not on going and we can assume it is only because of the death of his father and the state of his family and not a recurring problem that would interfere with his

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