Hamlet vs. Tales of Symphonia

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Compare & Contrast: Hamlet vs. Tales of Symphonia When given the option to compare and contrast Hamlet with something, I thought right away of the video game Tales of Symphonia. Now one may say, how can something as wonderful and complex as Hamlet ever be compared with something as simplistic as a video game? That is where you may surprise yourself. With fully detailed storylines and emotions becoming a bigger part of video games, it is easy and fun to make connections with other stories. The characters of both stories have many similarities, and even some key plot events are similar. Our two main characters have like personalities and even have the same motive; revenge. Our First comparison brings us to Hamlet and Lloyd Irving. Lloyd, like Hamlet, has had his father taken from him by his uncle. Lloyd will stop at nothing to get revenge for his father, Kratos Aurion. Hamlet and Lloyd both go a little insane at some points in their stories, and are faced with the question of to be, or not to be. Lloyd, without thinking, can be hurtful to the ones he loves, much like Hamlet is to Ophelia. Lloyd is an excellent swordsman, with skills that could be easily compared to that of Hamlets fencing skills. A large difference between the two is that Hamlet is very self centered and often thinks only of himself. He is on a solo mission and is not very welcoming from outside help. Lloyd Irving is much more open to outside help. He knows that his quest will not be without opposition, and he accepts help from his many friends that he meets along the way. Also, Hamlet does not act on instinct, while Lloyd often acts without thought or remorse for his actions. Another character comparison can be made with Hamlet’s good friend Horatio and Genis Sage, Lloyd’s best friend. Genis is there to guide Lloyd on his quest for revenge, much like Horatio for Hamlet. Horatio is viewed as a

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