Hamlet Vs. Oedipus Rex Essay

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In Oedipus Rex and Hamlet both have to deal with the reality of fate and/or free will. Was it Hamlet’s destiny that he would become insane and murder the ones he loved? Or was it all dependent on his very own actions and choices that depicted his future? Could Oedipus Rex change the way his future would turn out from his choices or was it fate that entailed him to killing his own father. Those are the main questions for both books. Whether or not it’s free will or fate makes a humongous difference on the answers for the stories. It depends on the belief of the reader. Does the reader believe in the religious way of fate, that everything happens for a reason or does the reader believe that only you can shape the future that holds for you. Some may think that every single person on this planet has a distinct path in that they will always follow no matter their choices and that path will always lead to the same place. As if the Gods or God is panning out your future by themselves. The Gods always know what will happen no matter what you do. Even if you try to change your future and path they, the Gods, will always put you right back onto that path. You cannot change the way you will end up in the world and before you are even born you will always have the same exact fate that the Gods wanted to give you. Maybe this is true or maybe it is not. Some believe so and some don’t. And if there are Gods then fate must be real. Possibly, everything happens for a reason. Maybe your choices can affect your future and you can change anything you’d like. This fires the debate between free will and fate. Some believe that the Gods have nothing to do with the way your life turns out. The actions and choices you make will always depict the future for you. If you want to be a chef, you will become a chef. But if the Gods do their will and they don’t want you to be a chef you will

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