Hamlet vs. Oedipus

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Compare the way truth is understood in Hamlet and Oedipus Hamlet and King Oedipus are both tragic dramas which have some structural elements in common (Unit Reader;p.38). In addition to these structural elements main characters’ searching the truth is also common element of these two plays. Oedipus and Hamlet are the main characters in these plays. In these two plays, two kings must leave their identity and innocence behind as the truth leads them firstly to their enlightenment and than to their downfall. It is a battle between truth and lie. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark whose father recently died and Oedipus is the saviour and the king of Thebes. Throughout the plays it can be seen that both characters are completely unaware of the truth which can be seen easily. Discovering the truth drags both Hamlet and Oedipus to a great catastrophe which destroys their life. Hamlet looses his life and Oedipus looses his vision. Hamlet; Prince of Denmark and son of the recently deceased King Hamlet is excluded from throne by his uncle Claudius and his uncle takes his sister-in-law to wife(Quennel&Johnson,1973). Hamlet believes that his father King Hamlet died of natural causes. However, ghost of King Hamlet appears in the middle of the night revealing the truth to Hamlet that he was murdered by his brother Claudius. And he wants Hamlet to take his revenge and to kill Claudius. Hamlet accepts this unwillingly for the reason that he is not certain about the truth. Through the play, Hamlet searches for the truth pretending to be mad to disarm the Claudius’ suspicions and he wants the truth to be revealed. However after killing Polonius by mistake madness seems to overtake him. Oedipus is doomed since his birth; Oedipus parents told that he would murder his father and marry to his own mother by Tiresias, a blind prophet. His parents decided to kill him however
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