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“Driven Insane” William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare is one of his greatest tragedies. It tells the story of the young prince Hamlet who lost his father and becomes obsessed with killing his murderer, Claudius. Throughout the story, Hamlet is betrayed by many of his old friends and family but eventually gets his revenge. One question that has been addressed over and over again has been; what is Hamlet’s problem? There are so many different answers to this question but Hamlet’s main problem in the play was that he was driven to insanity. Hamlet became mad and hell-bent on avenging his father’s murderer. A plethora of problems caused Hamlet to go mad which added on to his pain from his father’s death. His obsession with killing Claudius and obtaining revenge is obviously the main cause to his madness. It’s apparent throughout the play that Hamlet sought to kill him and this was made evident to his own family as well. The ghost, appearing 3 times in the play, is another cause to his insanity. No one knows if the ghost was real or if it was only a part of his imagination. Ophelia, at last, is one more important cause has to why Hamlet was driven mad. His relationship with Ophelia took an abnormal turn after his father’s death. Hamlet was no longer the same. These reasons are direct causes to Hamlet’s insanity and every character close to him witnessed it. Ages have passed and scholars continue to argue over 2 valid points in the book, Hamlet. Is Hamlet sane or insane? This question stems off of our original question, “What is Hamlet’s problem?” . On one side, some people believe that Hamlet used his antic disposition in order to feign madness. He talked of a plan in the beginning of the play that he would pretend to go insane so that he can go along with his revenge plot and kill his father’s murderer. However this

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