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Revenge in Hamlet Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare and is based on revenge and how the act of certain individuals can lead to tragedy and affect everyone. Hamlet’s father has just died, and as a ghost, visits Hamlet and secretly tells him the truth of what had happened. He tells Hamlet that he did not die of natural causes, but was poisoned by Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle and now stepfather. This encounter begins a challenge and obligation to seek revenge for his father. Hamlet is speaking to the mysterious ghost, whose message is if Hamlet ever loved his father he will “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). He ask Hamlet to “Haste me to know’t , that I, with wings as swift/As mediation or the thoughts of love,/may sweep to my revenge” (1.5.29-31). Hamlet is not certain if the ghost is honest and begins a plan to see if Claudius is indeed guilty. Hamlet emphasizes the he must seek revenge; “Now could I drink hot blood” (III.iii.397-399). Hamlet derives a plan to have actors re-enact the death of his father as told to him by the ghost. He watches Claudius during the play, and knows from the way Claudius behaves that he did indeed kill his father. He wants to kill Claudius, but puts it off several times. He knows that it is a sin and against the law to kill out of revenge. He also sees Claudius praying for forgiveness, but wouldn’t kill him because he wouldn’t ascend to heaven. He plans on waiting until he catches Claudius in the middle of a sinful act, then he can take revenge. This will cause Claudius to go hell, not heaven, so the revenge will be perfect. “Now might I do it pat, now he is praying; / And now I’ll do’t. And so am I revenged” (3.3.73-75). Hamlet becomes enraged at Claudius and his mother and goes to his mother’s chambers to speak to her about Claudius. He hears someone behind the mirror and shoots, thinking it was

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