Similarities Between Hamlet And Othello

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Hamlet Shakespeare had a way to define his plays. Although they were different, he would use some techniques to define his plays as his own. He uses similar settings, themes, plots and outcomes in many of his works, Hamlet and Othello for example were different stories but from they way they were written you could tell it was him who wrote them both. Othello is more focused on jealous and manipulation with some evidence of racism. The play was about Iago a character that is jealous of others who are getting what he wants and his plot to have revenge. He messed with innocent bystanders just to get his revenge and in the end he ended up hurt, alone, and more importantly without what he wanted in the first place. Hamlet was based on revenge and betrayal. Hamlet’s father was killed by his brother who went on marring Hamlet’s mother. Hamlet is given this knowledge by his father’s ghost and sets out to have revenge. Hamlet has in mind what he wants to do but has a hard time actually doing it. He wanted to make his father happy by committing this murder for him but it was not in his…show more content…
In Hamlet, Hamlet devotes himself to getting revenge in his father’s name. In Othello, Iago seeks revenge because he didn’t receive a promotion that he felt that he deserved. Also In Hamlet, Hamlet had somebody by his side, like a sidekick, to help him out with his master plan. Iago had that too. However his “sidekick” was just being used so Iago wouldn’t get in trouble. Hamlet was more faithful to his friend while Iago just used him to get what he wanted. Both Iago and Hamlet had love interest. Iago didn’t really care about his significant other and used her to get what he wanted just like he did to everybody else. Hamlet however, was deeply in love with his girl. He didn’t want anyone to know though. When she took her life, he was devastated and all his true feelings for her came

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