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Hamlet Project Quotes 1. HORATIO: - “This bodes some strange eruption to our State” - Horatio is talking about the affects the ghost will cause. - “This will cause problems in the State” 2. HAMLET: - “But I have that within which passeth show; These but trappings and suits of woe” - Hamlet is talking to his mother about how he can’t fully display his emotions about his fathers death. - “ I have feelings that i can’t act and these feelings are my outside feelings of grief” 3. HAMLET: - “ Let me not think on’t; Frailty, thy name is woman” - Hamlet is speaking to his mother about her quickness to re-marry after her husbands death. - “Women and weakness come hand in hand” 4. HORATIO: - “A countenance more in sorrow than in anger” - Horation says that the ghost looked more sorry than angry. - “A face of more sorrow than anger” 5. HAMLET: - “All is now well; I doubt some foul play; would the night were come” - “Something is wrong; Not foul play; could the night not come quicker” 6. LAERTES: - “His will is not his own; For he himself is subject to birth” - Laertes is saying to ophelia that Hamlet did not choose his will as he didn’t choose to be a prince, he was just born into it. - “It wasn’t his choice; He was born a prince.” 7. LAERTES: - “Be wary then, best safety lies in fear” - Laertes is telling Ophelia to be careful with Hamlet and that being scared is the best safety. - “Be careful, fear wil keep you safe.” 8. OPHELIA: - “But good my brother, Do not as some ungracious pastors do, Show me steep and thorny way to heaven, Whiles like a puff’d and reckless libertine Himself, the primrose path of dalliance treads, And wreaks not his own rede.” - Ophelia is telling Laertes not to be a hypocrite. - “Do not tell me one way and do the other like some priests do”

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