Hamlet No Fear Shakespeare Book Review

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Hamlet-No Fear Shakespeare by Neil Babra is a graphic version of the Shakespeare classic Hamlet in modern English. The book is aimed towards students who find Shakespearean plays a difficult read because of the dialect and/or find Shakespeare boring. This graphic version of Hamlet has made the classic play more enthralling, readable and more understandable and is an enjoyable read not only for students studying Hamlet, but anyone who enjoys graphic novels-definitely recommended! Hamlet is a young prince whose father is killed by his very own uncle. Lost in the betrayal of his mother, uncle and his girlfriend Ophelia- Hamlet is the story of how a young prince tries to avenge his father’s death and the situations and consequences that follow. There are many themes and underlying messages in this play that may be difficult for the young generation to understand due to the Shakespearean dialect. Hamlet-No Fear Shakespeare by Neil Babra makes the book’s themes easy to understand due to the very detailed graphics and the accurate translation of the book into modern English. The graphics also help portray what the characters are feeling and their emotions at certain points, which helps one to understand the characters much better. Another good thing about this book is that every scene is translated accurately and there is nothing missing or added-it is true to the original book, thus making it a very good study guide for those who find Shakespeare difficult. The beginning of each scene is marked just like the original and I found that the puns and comedic scenes were easier to understand. Overall, Hamlet-No Fear Shakespeare by Neil Babra is a very enjoyable read as it is easy to understand and the graphic images depict the characters emotions and feelings accurately. Looking at the beautifully drawn descriptive images while reading the
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