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Stages of Grief in Hamlet In the opening pages of the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, it is quickly realized that Hamlet is upset about his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage to his uncle. An event may lead to a downfall known as the “stages”. According to Jami L. Jones, “depression may be a reaction to a disturbing event,” and in this case Hamlet is reacting to his father’s death. It is normal for people who have just lost a loved one to experience the stages of grief. The first stage is denial, the second is anger, third is guilt, fourth is depression, fifth is upward turn, sixth is reconstruction and the seventh stage is acceptance (Jones). As some people who have just lost their father would, Hamlet started going through these stages. However, he does not make it through the seven stages. The seven stages have not changed much at all over time. This is known because the seven stages of grief are the same in Hamlet, a story written long ago, as they are in one of today’s most popular television shows, One Tree Hill. The seven stages has not changed must at al over the years, people still grieve, and it is proven in both early and modern pieces of writing. The connection between these two stories is the fact that neither Hamlet, nor Lucas completes the cycle. The seven stages starts in Hamlet when Hamlet learns of the death of his father because the “death of a loved one, loss of a limb, even intense disappointment can cause grief” (Ross). The event that started the seven stages in One Tree hill is the main character’s, Lucas, loss of his uncle, Keith, who has acted as a father figure Lucas’s whole life when his father abandoned him. Lucas and Keith, and Hamlet and his father had the same relationship, which resulted in their similar reaction to both Keith’s and King Hamlet’s death. Hamlet never expected the death of his father, and in some ways

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