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Hamlet Film Review Many films today stem from novels, plays, or old cartoons. Innovation seems to be a thing of the past. Shakespeare's Hamlet is definitely a thing of the past, written around 1600. It has been put into film by various directors; some more efficient than others in displaying the emotions Shakespeare intended. The Zeffirelli version of Shakespeare's Hamlet is an example of a successful portrayal, creating emotions of discontent and passion for the audience. The overall direction of this production is effective because of the cast and scenery. Franco Zeffirelli does a fantastic job of depicting discontent throughout the move. To begin, he adds in a scene technically not in the play: Hamlet Sr.'s funeral. Hamlet stares as his mother behaves melodramatically. He looks from her to Claudius and definitely picks up on something unsaid. Also, when Laertes returns from school, his anger towards Hamlet for killing his father is very apparent. His disdain with Hamlet is shown exceptionally in the film with the great action-scene fight between Hamlet and Laertes at the end. Finally, as Hamlet saw Claudius in prayer he was discontent with just killing Claudius. His mannerisms in the movie were excellent to display exactly how one would expect Hamlet to behave in this scene. The Passion in the play is very obvious. Some films have trouble producing this passion. Zeffirelli exceeds in this category as well. When Hamlet was speaking with his mother, the disdain is jumping off the screen. Hamlet attacks his mother and is so wrought with passion and vengeance that he kills Polonius mistaking him for Claudius. This depiction of Hamlet is accomplished in displaying the Passion Shakespeare aspired for. Next, in the scene where Hamlet is essentially breaking up with Ophelia his passion for her is portrayed. His speech is so heated and that comes from great

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