Hamlet Film Reflection Essay

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In our video project, I played the part of Harry Potter in the modern theme of Hamlet. As the main character of the play, I had the responsibility of memorizing the most lines. It proved to be an arduous task in the time constraints of my schedule. However, during the break, I worked out some time from my trip to the East Coast to become ‘familiar” with my lines. During our rehearsal, I messed up multiple times with my lines and had to have a whiteboard with my lines just in case I forgot. Our group had to retake many of the scenes to make it as perfect as possible with as many as ten times for each one. The members of my group were encouraging and patient, even if I made mistakes on a few lines multiple times. I did not have any acting background, so it was actually difficult to directly portray Hamlet’s mood or expressions in some of his lines. I remembered that we redid the part more than ten times when Hamlet said, “O God!” when the Ghost comes and relates about his murder. Every of my members had a good laugh at me because I had trouble expressing out Hamlet’s puzzlement and concern for the Ghost. Our group spent a lot of time on rehearsing our lines and performing them. Since Carolyn went on her Spanish trip to trip to Mexico during the break, we had to sacrifice time from our schedule to film it before the break and during the Sunday when Carolyn returned. This meant skipping Church for Michelle and me, badminton for Diana, and orchestra for Carolyn. Since our film would be watched in all of Ms. Mohnike’s classes, we wanted to deliver to the class a well-coordinated, smooth performance. As a whole, all of us thought it would be comical to reenact the Harry Potter Puppet Pals from Youtube. If all of us were not musical, then playing the puppets and singing our parts would have been difficult than as it was already. I also helped out with the music by finding

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