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Hamlet Essay Spy vs Spy Thesis: Many characters throughout the play are seen as playing double roles in a way to deceive, betray, or kill other characters because someone is always spying on someone. There is a constant view of an illusion versus what is real. Can honesty really be portrayed in this play? 1. * Is the ghost real or a fantasy? * Why do the guards try to kill it? 2. * Laretes and Polonius warn Ophelia that Hamlet is wrong for her, he is just using her * Afterwords, Polonius tells Reynoldo to spy on Laertes 3. * After talking with the ghost, Hamlet seems to have gone mad, what has caused this, how is everyone viewing his madness? 4. * Hamlet wants to put on a play to see if Claudius really killed his father * Hamlet tells Horatio that it’s a mousetrap * Hamlet notes Claudius reaction to the play 5. * Hamlet confronts Rosecrantz and Guildenstern saying they are playing him like a flute * Hamlet confronts Gertrude, and kills Polonius thinking it was Claudius 6. * Hamlet goes to kill Claudius but cant because he is praying, thinks he will go to heaven 7. * Claudius convinces Laertes that he must kill Hamlet to avenge his father’s death (contrast on how hamlet and Laertes were both avenging their own fathers death, “eye for an eye”?) 8. * The sword fight occurs, Gertrude drinks and dies, Hamlet is cut by the poisonous swords, Hamlet kills Laertes but finds out that Claudius was behind it all and makes him drink 9. Maynard Mack, Everybodys Shakespeare * Plays viewed as a world, each part implies something on other parts * Much mystery in the play, was it a failure? * Hamlet is full of riddles 10. T.S. Eliot, The Sacred Wood * Hamlet is viewed as a criticism * Mr. Robertson-critics have failed to view the real interperation of the play; ignoring that Hamlet is a

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