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Hamlet, written by Shakespeare is one of the classic literatures of all time. In Hamlet, many issues are touched upon, one of them being procrastination. The act of Procrastinating can be defined as a type of behaviour which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. As a result a result of procrastinating, one can experience a significant amount of stress, pressure and anxiety. An example of procrastination can be interpreted from the play; In Act Four Scene Four, Hamlet criticizes himself by not doing what his father told him to do. Hamlet is told to avenge his father’s death, however, instead of committing the act immediately, he takes his takes time and only does it towards the end of the play. When reading Act four Scenes four, a target audience comes to mind; High school students. In the following essay, one will discuss why high school students would be an appropriate target audience and how by analyzing the speech, a cause and effect become evident. As was previously mentioned, the relevant speech occurs in Act Four Scene Four in which Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are about to leave for England. Near the seashore, Fortinbras and his army pass by and one of his captains tells Hamlet about their military campaign. In his soliloquy, he criticizes himself for letting this problem get out of hand and he criticizes himself for being incompetent and compares himself to Fortibras. He realizes that he has to change his ways in order to help out his father; "O, from this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth" (Hamlet, pg. 231). During his soliloquy, he is asking "What is a man" (Hamlet, pg. 231). When saying this, he is contemplating about what a real man would do in the present case that he is in knowing what his priorities are. Before that point, Hamlet was an emotional wreck and was constantly

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