Hamlet Drama Assessment

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The scene begins when Hamlet is about to confront his mother about the events that had recently unfolded. Hamlet had been building up all his anger inside and he finally has the chance to confront her on how he feels about the current situation. Although Hamlet does not want to hurt his mother physically, he does want to get under her skin and make her suffer as much guilt as he has been experiencing. First of all, one verse that shows that Hamlet has been retaining anger is when he says: “Now could I drink hot blood And do such bitter business as the day Would quake to look on” (Shakespeare III.3.383-385). “Hot blood” pertaining to anger and temper because when people say someone is very hot blooded it could signify that they have a very short temper and can become very angry. “Bitter business” meaning he wants to do terrible things, which basically states that he has a lot of anger built up inside that it could make the world look upon him in fear for what he has planned. Hamlet is not only worried about Claudius poisoning his father but he is also angry about Ophelia rejecting him which is added onto the stress of his father’s death. When Hamlet is finally speaking with his mother and accidentally kills Polonius behind the curtain he does not even seem to care and I feel that it is because he is so focused on his feelings about the situation. On the contrary, Hamlet also uses alliteration in this verse when he says: “And do such bitter business as the day” (Shakespeare III.3.384). The use of alliteration in this verse is effective because the “b” sound could represent the sound of his blood boiling inside of him as he retains more anger. Secondly, something that proves that he does not intend to hurt his mother physically is when he says: “O heart, lose not thy nature; let not ever The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom” (Shakespeare
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