Hamlet, the contemplative,cruel, and oedipal Prince of Denmark

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Summary: This report is based on the study of Hamlet, the hero in the play, who is proven to have complex personality traits. Throughout the play, Hamlet acts as a dynamic character since his personality is greatly influenced by the news of his father’s death, his mother’s remarriage, and his uncle’s conspiracy. Due of Hamlet’s various and constantly changing characteristics, it is hard for audiences to fully understand this character. After a close study of the character’s speeches, actions, and reputations in other characters’ eyes, I am organizing and presenting my findings in this report, and hope it can assist further studying of the play. Contents Summary P02 Content P03 1 Introduction P04 2 The genuine Prince of Denmark P04 2.1 Contemplative P04 2.1.1 Evidence from Text P04 2.1.2 Other Characters’ Interpretations P05 2.2 Cruel P05 2.2.1 Evidence from Text P05 2.2.2 Other Characters’ Interpretations P05 2.3 Oedipal P06 2.3.1 Evidence from Text P06 2.3.2 Other Characters’ Interpretations P06 3 Conclusion P07 4 References & Bibliography P07
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